Blog Entry Number 82

12 Julio, 2007 at 1:13 ptm (Unimportant)

Badly Designed Food:



Giant Gobstopers


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Blog Entry Number 81

26 Junio, 2007 at 1:18 ptm (Unimportant)

I think I am OK. After reviewing the pile of documents I had from university I found that I needed to submit my application to graduate by this Friday. I shat myself, but luckily turned that excretia into a 3000 word long, spiral-bound piece of crap and called it my Vacation Work Report. The assesment was just an acceptable or haul-your-ass-in-for-an-explanation. I believe I achieved the former. It is clumsily written, exotically overpunctuated, and varies between excessivly short sentences for punch and excessivly long senences for precision. I removed nearly all the aliteration in my profesisonal report (especially important when the essay guidlines are so technical they contra-advised the use of ANY contractions).
I thought it quite impressive (or stupid) that I was able to draw parallels between international industry standards on pipe threads and the post-war, socio-economic environment of their development.
I got my boss to sign the appropraite forms to submit with the bundle, and even got him to overlook the inconsitant dates on the forms he was signing – score.
During my lunch break I went to Little Vietnam to post it super express post. It was nice. A very vibrant area – understanding vibrant as middle-class, white speak for ethnic. The whitest people (aside from me) on the busy streets were mediterranian – not of mediterranian background, but first generation immagrants. The majority were Sudanese (well central African) and Vietnamese. The streets were busy and dirty, but I felt comfortable knowing that I was always less than 100 meters from a jar full of ground up tiger penis.

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Blog Entry Number 80

3 Junio, 2007 at 8:56 atm (Unimportant)

Ah! We are trying to build an extention and it was all going well until we found out that, thoughe we own our house, the gardens around it – for no logical reason at all – are owned in common with our next door neighbour! So we each one the front and back yards of our two houses. They sent us the propety titles etc and while examining them I made an interesting discovery; All my life my parents taught me that I live in a house, but according to our title I in fact live in a ‘flat’. it is truly bizzar, especially since the house has sucessfully been sold numerous time without anyone noticeing the quirk in the title.

Also, let it be know that today, the 3rd of June, I Brendan Parsons invented (or coined if you will) the term “SPOKES-NOBODY”

spokes-nobody: (n.) A person, unknown to the public, who endorses a product with inteneded authority. i.e. The pictures of people on the Coles Select brand food that profess things like “The olive oil really makes the tuna good” – Tony, Tuna Lover. Or “Noodles are quick and nutriscious, perfect for a quick snack” Joanne, Noodle Enthousiast.

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Blog Entry Number 79

22 Majo, 2007 at 11:38 atm (Unimportant)

I have just finished for the night, and I am now officially 5.4% done with my work expearience essay. I think that’s good and I am done for the night. Ahh, downloaded TV here I come.

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Blog Entry Number 78

21 Majo, 2007 at 8:40 atm (Unimportant)

While looking on a sing-star like website, there was a Lilly Allen Song “Smile”. you all know it I’m sure…”At first when I see you cry,
yeah it makes me smile, yeah it makes my smile
At worst I feel bad for a while,
but then I just smile I go ahead and smile” That one. Well there was a secont version in some weird language called Simlish. We were bafeled and started listesning to the English verison, but after about a minute, i realised what Simlish was! Sim English! The language of the sims. So Lily allen herslef has sung a cover of “smile” totaly in simlish and it sounds verry cool. Here it is with the Sim’s Video clip. Brilliant.

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